Rocket Fizz


I had been in the mood for trying some old-time Confectionery . We made an evening trip to downtown Portland.

A 20 minute drive to a shop named Rocket Fizz.  Checkout their Instagram here really cute pictures!

It’s a  niche store, they sell all sorts of sweets along with unusual flavored soda and a few Knick knacks.

Old time sweets like the sugary sticks that come in a cigarette box. Many of things I grew up buying from the ice cream truck back in the 90s.


In my opinion this place is not toddler friendly there are glass bottles everywhere. This is a nice place to check after a date or if you’re just sightseeing in the area.


so they do want your children to go into the store…  😭

Just keep an eye on them and don’t let them distroy things!

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