Cake Face


My feelings on Makeup 💄


I don’t like to wear makeup.

Having a layer of greasy crap

on the face

is really…

quite gross.

But I am appalled at how

I let myself out of the house

these days.

Its borderline offensive.

I’ll wear a cake face

from time to time,

to spare my family. 🤟

This last time

I beat my face to the gods


I primed and applied

a layer of liquid foundation

to my face.

Then I used

a dry cotton rag

pressed it

onto my face

to soak up excess oil.

Then I thought to myself…


1. Do people blot oil off their face before setting?!

It looked good.

And I don’t think it oxidized

as much either!

“Blotting absorbs the oils and emollients that take the stick out of lipstick while leaving the pigments intact.”More about blotting here 💋So who knows?

2. Next revelation,

lashes gurl!

Apply a good thick-

black coat on each pair

Then let dry.

Reapply  mascara,

let dry.

Using the lash wand

carefully focus on getting

gradual thickness

at the base.

Closely and neatly

wiggle that gunk in.

With patience and luck

you’ll have some lashes


3. Final Revelation

Smudge that lipstick

ever so slightly.

Over your Cupid’s bow

and just under your lip.

For a natural and messy pout.

I adore cute faux freckles 💕


Now let me go wash my face.

For more tips on common sense,

beauty, and fashion

for the apple shaped women

Let Midorilei inspire you❣️


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