Valentines Riddle💕

Well I did my time
and paid my grievancccces,
much more than was due.
And given the circumstances
A new set of teeth or at least lipo.

We were doing just fine
in Tennessee.
No amount of money is worth
The hell we lived to tell
that mess we went through.
For goodness sake!

You married a minimalist,
aaaand we have a kid now.

We didn’t need extra and
life just got a lot
more complicated.

He accepted one
of many
generous offers,
top in industry
the envy of his peers…
( just stroking that ego 🍆)


And it was too good to be true,
everything could have been easier.
We should have invested in a

  • night nurse
  • flown family in and…
  • trashed our belongings,

made some good use
out of that signing bonus.
Sleep deprivation
took a toll on
the smartest man
I have ever met.


This patience I have
is not natural.
Making it thus far,
enduring that messed up
Hell, I deserve an award!
But this man didn’t
marry NO fool!
And lucky for him
I’m not high maintenance
let’s start off
the compensation in the form of
sleep and comfort.


Let me give you
a little history…
Before I met my P.I.C❣️
(Partner In Crime)
I was a very content,
independent working female.
I enjoyed my single life
very much.
I took pride in
my own little
(he hoots)

We met while we
were both studying
in Georgia.
I was the one
to a useless study
I’ll admit.
(adding salt
to my many injuries).
I broke up with him
more than once,
but I’m irresistible💄💋💃🏻.

I have been his
ride or die
these last 8 years.
And I tell you this…
Love is the only thing
that still has me here.

Let’s set things straight,
I am not a taking advantage
of our situation,
never have, nnnnever will.
I’m not materialistic
and I don’t care
for lavish things.
Going to the thrift store
is a hobby I really enjoy.
My lifestyle hasn’t changed,
just look at these nails
maybe I’m just lazy.
Whether I’m prideful
or just low maintenance,
frugality is a challenge
I take very seriously now💰

I am modest
unlike most women
in my situation.
I have this issue
about my dignity, too much pride.
Thank you,
and your welcome.
These are my grievances should it
be needed in a court order.
Just kidding, kinda


Is it too much to ask
for a time out?
Euphoria pleads my sanity
Any wife of an egomaniac would.
All mothers of toddlers                           prey, peace and quiet.

I want an outlet
to siphonnnn out this
eternal anxiety,
unplug myself.
I need reprieve…
aaaand in a form
that won’t have me
paying back the time
I took for myself.
I would also like praise.
Your degrees and titles
must feel good…

37F76064-9C98-4E49-B66D-97289FF071CD.jpegI’ve been holdin’ it down.


Aren’t we just a match made in heaven!

Now where my gifts at?!                           (decipher the riddle)


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