Mean Girls

Making mom friends sucks 😩
Got blocked from a local moms fb group today!
Wrote on the fb page:


Throw back!
high school…. circa 2003.
I was invited to a play~date
only to say I was uninvited!
keep your party to yourself
and please 🙏🏼 don’t invite me,                                                                                                          its sad and mean😩
My kid had a good time                                                                                                             thanks anyways!
Next time I should host you 🙂                                                                                                     bless your heart😘


Cliques are thriving in SAHM groups
just like the mean girls in high school.

pexels-photo-669005.jpeg Just don’t invite the rest of us                                                                                                       who just needed to get out of the house
for sanity!
It is not fair 😭
I’m happy for you
and that you found chemistry
with another set of moms
and their children.
But don’t host an                                                                                                                              Open Play~Date on the fb page                                                                                                 Invite all and then change it
into a private party in                                                                                                           LITERALLY 5 minutes.
I am in your driveway!                                                                                                         Everyone who rsvped                                                                                                                     yes or maybe to the event                                                                                                              am I crazy?

It was a production to get here!
you have a toddler,
you know how it goes!

baby-tears-small-child-sad-47090.jpeg Granted she was pregnant
hormonal fluctuations
are to be taken into account….
But I am PMSing too!

pexels-photo-568021.jpeg My husband always asks
the age ol’ question…
Why do B****es be Trippin?
It’s hormones!

818B5320-991A-4420-A3BB-4E0DC3CF8918D2D694DF-65C9-4856-A819-D56E1BFB021F8376C240-AD9B-44E3-AC48-1B9283AE0F56 I must have misunderstood 🧐👇

1EA9EC2B-9FAF-42EF-8D34-58FEB3DC5FD8  Sitting in my car

figuring out what to do made me late

Guess I wont be invited to the next event❣️
Pass the wine 🍷
Inspired by a new friend 🍷
Cheers B****es!🥂


    1. Actually it’s no where near “sordid” you were not there- if you were you would understand the other side of the story .


  1. If I openly invite someone to my house and plans change, I would go with the flow and accommodate someone who was already there! What’s a cup of coffee going to hurt?

    I stand with ya, girlfriend. Pass the wine!

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    1. You were not there to witness what happened. Anyone can start a blog and stir the pot to fit “their narrative” yes true- the play date was canceled at the last minute- and people showed up- and we were all invited in to “ the pregnant lady’s home with fluctuating hormones “ lol she was gracious to us all because the weather had turned/ HOWEVER…. what happened after that- made everyone uncomfortable (as stated by the moderator) because the owner of this “blog” made it uncomfortable! Asking us if we were all able to stay sober when we go out with our children- asking us if our body parts were in fact “real” WHO DOES THAT???? telling us that she can’t get through the day without drugs or alcohol! Hell yes she made us all uncomfortable!! Telling us she drives around with her child in the car when she is on Xanax and her own husband tells her to stop drinking so much. We aren’t “mean girls” but that’s a good story!! Maybe we should start a blog…. hmmmm


  2. Omg that is childish on their behalf… I’ve had to deal with mommy group drama similar to this because I didn’t have a Bob stroller like everyone else in the group and was told I couldn’t come to the public events anymore lol I thought it was supper silly but happy that I didn’t have to pretend to be someone else to fit in… I ended up starting my own group and made way better real friends!!

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  3. Daaaaammmmmmn that’s deep. I’m a geeklesss nerd with no friends. All my friends are online in mom groups..I’m not in a local one so I don’t have these issues. I have wonderful mom group friends. My mom group friends helped me get to Perez Hilton lol maybe it’s just that group of ladies that are “mean girls” don’t be discouraged. I’m literally in the same boat as you. I have a tough time making friends and I just want mom friends and comapanins of my own age and it’s just hard! I hope this situation works out and I also pray you get genuine friends… not mean girls


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