Drugs were heavy.

From my vista

everything happened

super fast.

I vaguely recall

being presented

a purple greasy life-form.

But I faded in and out

of the operating table.

I held her after our procedure.

I have no recollection.

Was she tabletop surfing 🏄 on me out of the O.R.???

What if I had dropped her?

Do these people know I am not fully functioning!

She could have

just hopped right off

The bed!

I woke up in a dim room.

It was evening,

I was ‘situated’.

Things were

attached to me,

I had apparently

consented to.

I didn’t need

to get up

from the

hospital bed

for any reason.

No need to use the bathroom…

I felt violated.

What else happened

while I was unconscious?

I looked over to my right,

the life-form

was laying in an open

plastic container.

They took this out of me.

What is it doing?

is… it… sleeping?!

And they just left it here…

I have no idea what to do!!

And I’m it’s life support…

It hit me hard.

I was in shock.

I hadn’t thought this far ahead.

This wasn’t supposed to happen yet.

I wasn’t prepared.

We had a birth plan.

We had hired a doula for support.

I was alone and afraid.

A dark cloud covered over me.

At some point

I had made a list of things

we needed for our stay.

( I don’t recall doing this either)

He was back from his search

for the essentials.

Making a bed

from the the sofa couch

over by the window.

He didn’t expect to be sleeping

in a hospital that night.

It’s the middle of his work week.

He was still finishing up

projects at work.

They did attempt

to turn off lights.

It breaks in anyhow

through the cracks

in the blinds.

There is a light

under the television

and a light on the monitor behind me.

It’s not too bright in the room

so I settle.

I start to drift…

I’m awaken,

startled by snoring!

My husband was snoring!

I look over to the baby,

she seems ok.

I can see everything

around me pretty clearly.

there is a table to my left

with an old school phone,

a huge medical water jug,

a cup of ice

and tons of little

prepackaged saltines.

His snoring fades and I drift again…

I’m up!

His snoring is louder!

He will wake the critter!

And I need sleep!

I haven’t slept since 2nd trimester!

I look around me, the saltines!

Just light enough to startle to snore

but not wake him.

I toss one

Nope, damn bull!

I throw this one harder

That worked!


And I have a good amount of ammo too.

Not before long

all the saltines made it

to his side of the room.

He got up a few times irritated

But in the end it was humorous.

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