Mean Girls

Making mom friends sucks 😩
Got blocked from a local moms fb group today!
Wrote on the fb page:


Throw back!
high school…. circa 2003.
I was invited to a play~date
only to say I was uninvited!
keep your party to yourself
and please 🙏🏼 don’t invite me,                                                                                                          its sad and mean😩
My kid had a good time                                                                                                             thanks anyways!
Next time I should host you 🙂                                                                                                     bless your heart😘


Cliques are thriving in SAHM groups
just like the mean girls in high school.

pexels-photo-669005.jpeg Just don’t invite the rest of us                                                                                                       who just needed to get out of the house
for sanity!
It is not fair 😭
I’m happy for you
and that you found chemistry
with another set of moms
and their children.
But don’t host an                                                                                                                              Open Play~Date on the fb page                                                                                                 Invite all and then change it
into a private party in                                                                                                           LITERALLY 5 minutes.
I am in your driveway!                                                                                                         Everyone who rsvped                                                                                                                     yes or maybe to the event                                                                                                              am I crazy?

It was a production to get here!
you have a toddler,
you know how it goes!

baby-tears-small-child-sad-47090.jpeg Granted she was pregnant
hormonal fluctuations
are to be taken into account….
But I am PMSing too!

pexels-photo-568021.jpeg My husband always asks
the age ol’ question…
Why do B****es be Trippin?
It’s hormones!

818B5320-991A-4420-A3BB-4E0DC3CF8918D2D694DF-65C9-4856-A819-D56E1BFB021F8376C240-AD9B-44E3-AC48-1B9283AE0F56 I must have misunderstood 🧐👇

1EA9EC2B-9FAF-42EF-8D34-58FEB3DC5FD8  Sitting in my car

figuring out what to do made me late

Guess I wont be invited to the next event❣️
Pass the wine 🍷
Inspired by a new friend 🍷
Cheers B****es!🥂