Complicated oats

So recently my family and I have ventured into A more healthier diet.

My husband has completely gone vegan!? What?!

I am 60/40 (never fully committed… realist)

We have started dishes with ingredients never used before such as Farro, Kamut, amaranth!?

And other such things that sound very exotic…

These kinds of foods we don’t normally eat so we decided to try something new and let me tell you it’s different!

It can be tasty if you’re creative…

I am enjoying the experimentation in the kitchen… it’s bonding ❤️

My husband and I are coming up with all sorts of stuff,

Here’s one… it started out being simple overnight oats…

put some rolled oats in a jar with preferred liquid and whatever topping and put in the fridge…


Then we started complicating things…

We decided to do away with anything processed and it turned into this.

So far this is how I make my family’s breakfast:

1. Put hard red spring berries, oat groats and water into a pot rinse to remove impurities then I let soak. I also add buckwheat to my cereal it takes longer to soften so I do the same process in a different pot.

2. I add an acidic base like apple cider vinegar.

3. Let sit for 2 days covered.

4. Mix occasionally.

5. After 48 hours cook on medium high till boil. Stir to avoid clumps or burning.

6. Let cool.

7. Rinse well.

8. Mix all grains together and add wheat germ.

6. Transfer cereal into mason jars or storing container.

7. Refrigerate or freeze if you make in bulk like me🤗

Here is more on fermentation 👉time And more 👉I started heretho….👍 Each morning you can take a prepared mason jar for breakfast on-the-go or spoon out oats into a dish and add whatever toppings would like.

My brother-in-law came over for the holidays and threw a spin on it that I absolutely love!

( not so vegan anymore 😭)

Scoop complicated oats into a bowl then add milk, granola, berries, and trail mix of your choice.


I’m so excited to add more to our cereal. If you guys have any added suggestions, I will give you credit!


I have eaten more oates lately than I have ever have in my entire life.

I’m pretty sure that’s healthy

I don’t have cravings, I am full for longer and let me not forget to mention how much my gut is thanking me.

You can choose to add whatever you’d like.

Here are some other yummy toppings:





Cocoa powder





Maple syrup

Different flavors and textures in your mouth all at once makes you forget you’re eating something very healthy

What a yummy, crunchy, twist to this very healthy cereal.

Thank you for perfecting the cereal Kashyap. Let us not forget to sprinkle a little bit of that Ceylon cinnamon on top of everything!

Extracting the nutrition from the seed, anything else is cardboard!

You’re welcome ❣️

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