My Thrift Store!

So I heard you have an Instapot.

I think my device is better than yours.

This queen is my computer for my laboratory~kitchen.

I like to think of myself as a chemist.

The fun and tasty concoctions I have made in this pot make you tingle everywhere.

It feels as if my tastebuds and body are now in one accord.

I can feel the energy of what I eat.

I read somewhere that when you consume something

you are eating the life and death of that food.

So… as Sapio let me pick your brain, YUM!

How much was your device?

Like most people,

I try not to pay full price.

I only paid $3 dollars.

Say what?!

Well my thrift store is also…

better than yours!

This shop of magical treasures is only for the brave.

Let me take you on a journey to a pit named rock bottom.

HELL 101

*Supplies for your journey to hell*

•hardware gloves



•fullbody suit

•different forms of currency

Welcome to a stinky warehouse just a step above dumpster diving.

The foul smell slaps you

back against the door

as you beg for fresh air.

Relax and adjust,

your dignity is in the car with your lattè.

A dumpsite with large blue bins being rolled out, rotated, and rolled back in. Take a peek at the docking area dumping new trash or treasure!

How exciting or interesting!

As soon as the workers

have placed the bins

you want to dive in!

⚠️ Warnings ⚠️

Wait till all bins have been placed.

Careful with hidden sharp objects.

Watch your personal items.

Watch for small children or animals.

Possibly prepare for a fight.

I have had my share of encounters now I deem respect when I walk in.

Furniture, Antiques

Name brands / textiles

Books electronics etc…

People have also found money, jewelry, paraphernalia, syringes, petrified rats…

You will pay by the pound unless it is ticketed

I only purchase that which is of practical use. I do not like clutter or anything that hinders comfortable productivity!

When you walk in my home

you should see a love story.

Each piece has a tied memory and was brought in with good intent. I feel there is peace and harmony,

love and feng shui.

***Fun Facts***

Did you know…

1. Acetone removes polish, but also sticky depilatory wax from hard surfaces.

2. Stop panicking. Lotion removes depilatory wax from skin!

3. You can use old bills as your strip for this hair removal method.

4. Shave your hair, put it in a pot with seeds during a full moon and with good intent/karma, hopefully your returns are great.

Scalp irritation will only last for a couple of days but with healthy bacteria and good hygiene you should have some luscious hair along with great returns for your friends and family.

5. Light a candle in the morning for inspiration and if you have one bulb lit at night at least you were able to at least pay the electric bill!

Oil and Potions, it’s science, chemistry, and witchcraft…

Thank you internet for your endless answers. For my money saving, laborious scavenging, let’s cheers 🥂

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